What Makes Handlooms Special?


Tasteful & Unique

It is a love for things that take time to be made. That's literally not 'run of the mill'. Loving and wanting a handloom is a lifestyle choice. It's a choice to be patient. It is a choice to accept the charms and misses of human hand. It is to want something unique, tasteful and timeless.

For a handloom, made by skilled hands, taking hours and days of hard earned work, is not just a piece of fabric, it is a piece of history. It tells a story through its weaves of our times. It tells a story of care, talent and passion. The one who weaves is as much in love with this threads as we, who don it later. Even its imperfections are a moment of time marked in fabric, a signature of a human hand caught in the threads of silk. And your love grows, knowing there is none like the one you hold now.

Crafted for Occasions

One grows into it, as it wraps us in its hues and yarns. It is not until the first bit of nostalgia strikes that one realises how much it means to us now. For in its fold is our story, our moments tied in its pleats and knots of special days. Isn’t it why we pick and place a saree, booking its date with a day that means a lot for us long before the day even arrives. And then no occasion of note can do without one.

Durable & Timeless

For it stays looking young and fresh, long after the hands that made it move out of the hands of time. It is delicate yet strong, its strength crafted as much by measure and experience as is its design and glow. A weaver knows his thread, and uses all his craft to make sure his weaves last no matter how far the world moves ahead. It is slow and deliberate, like a piece of art. And pieces of art only get better as they age, they are timeless. And so you know that it is not just a handloom that is passed on from one generation to the next, but the love for one as well.

Handlooms & Jharonka

With Jharonka we put a window into our times in the long history of these timeless beauties. From the hands that made them to the ones who wear, and everything in between.

We are a window to the love of handlooms.