Jharonka Experience

jharonka roots
The spirit of Jharonka is guided by its authenticity. We work with artisans, weavers and manufacturers who share the same passion for India's rich handmade history as we do. Our promise is to bring you authentic handlooms and handicrafts. From the yarns, to the dyes, to the weaves, every product you find on Jharonka is painstakingly handmade by a weaver or a family of weavers from various parts of India.
We don't need to tell you why you would want a handloom. You either do or you don't. All we want to do is ensure that it is. And that's our promise. 
There's something about knowing that this piece of fabric you now hold in your hand, began in a cocoon and went through a journey of its own, where skilled hands that have trained for years made it into something beautiful with care, attention and love. Craft that takes years to perfect. It's like music, it pulls at our core when we know a human hand made something so intricate and delicate. Every handloom has a soul, and you just connect with it.
And it is that soul that we seek to safeguard.And that is your Jharonka experience. Your window into every moment that takes a simple yarn into the beautiful fabric that you now hold.