About Banarasi

The gold standard of Indian handloom weaving traditions, an authentic Banarasi is every handloom lovers delight. A centuries old tradition, Banarasi has evolved in its magic with every phase of time that it has been through. Mentioned from the time of the vedas, the beauty of Banarasi weaving finds a mention even in Buddhist scriptures. It really came into its own during the Mughal era, and much of what we understand as a classical Banarasi design was developed during this era. Thus in a classic Banarasi weave you are likely to find a lot of Mughal influence, mainly in the motifs which including a lot of floral work including the intricate border and pallu zari works of bel and jhallar. What distinguishes Banarasi sarees are the scope of work that can go into it. A classic Banarasi can be either a Brocade work, a Cutwork, a Jamdani, Jangla, Buttidar or a Tanchoi or Tissue saree. Jharonka brings you some of the best in these classic works in its Banarasi collection. Each of these works brings its own levels of complexity adding to the allure of a true Banarasi. Know more about this intricate art and how 5600 threads come together to drape you in gold.