Jharonka is now Exhibiting

This week concluded our second exhibition and we are really really pleased with the response we got at both the events we got a chance to be part of in July. Two big thumbs up to both the organizers, Divalicious and Crescent Moon for running an awesome show and providing the perfect platforms for us to bring Jharonka in front of you. 

We are so glad we could not only showcase our sarees, but also get a chance to talk about and share our mutual passion for handlooms with you. 

We got to introduce of our designs and sarees to a lot of new faces and it was great to finally meet some familiar names in our order list as well, it was wonderful to meet all those who bore the rains to come and shop. 

Here're a few pictures from the event, meanwhile if you are an exhibitor looking to showcase a beautiful handloom brand at your event, feel free to let us know, mail us at alliance (@) jharonka.com! We're so looking forward to more. 

Jharonka at Crescent Moon

Jharonka at Divalicious

Team Jharonka at Work