About Jharonka

Jharonka - A window that's a work of art itself. Every window holds two worlds on its either sides, and we are no different. Let's together look into the future of Indian hand made art, while peeking into its glorious past with Jharonka.

Roots Of Jharonka

Jharonka is a product of Craftsvilla, India's largest ethnic retailer online. With Jharonka, Craftsvilla is going back to its earliest days when we put together an idea to bring India's diverse authentic artisanal work on one platform.

With Jharonka we have tapped into some of the most skilled weavers of Handloom across India. We've taken pains to visit nooks of every part of India to bring you the best of handloom work made in our country today. So when you place an order on Jharonka, you don't just buy a product, but a story that's been told since centuries, a treasure trove of rich traditions, we are but a temporary window to its passage in our times.

Authenticity Is Our Holy Grail

We are your answer to the eternal question of handlooms, is this authentic? Each product on Jharonka whether sold under our brand or one of our preferred brand partners is an original work made by a traditional artisan, every product a piece of art. Every product on Jharonka goes through a thorough check for quality and originality of materials including the yarns, the dyes, the zaris and even finding imprints of handloom work that is almost impossible for a powerloom to replicate.

Design Is Our Soul

It's great to be part of a movement to ensure handlooms of India survive for the generations yet to come. But don't buy a Jharonka handloom just for that. Buy because you have fallen in love with it. We work hard to bring not just classical weaves but also the best in contemporary designs and trends. Since we get our sarees and fabrics fresh from a weaver, trust that any product on Jharonka is the latest collection of designs and motifs and colours. Handlooms might be over a thousand years old, but that doesn't mean it can't be on fleek!

But It Isn't About Us

Jharonka is just a path for you to find something crafted by someone with skill and talent, taking time in this fast moving world that truly represents you. Find yourself in the thousands of wefts and warps of Indian weaves with us!